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Zero Dark and Dirty Martinis

Showing my appreciation for the Academy awards this evening with this Dark and Dirty martini.  What makes it dark?  arakú, a rum and coffee liqueur.  What makes it dirty?  arakú, it’s so good, you can’t just have one. Makes 2 martinis Ingredients 4 parts arakú 2 parts heavy cream red sprinkles, optional Directions Rim martini […]

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Mexican Hot Chocolate with Easy Cheesy Brazilian Bread

This Mexican hot chocolate is popular during the Christmas holiday and is especially welcoming during those cold winter mornings.  The cornmeal ingredient makes it filling (almost a meal) and loaded with health benefits such as help lower cholesterol and help manage diabetes.  Accompanied by a light cheesy Brazilian bread, it makes for a great quick and healthy […]

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Coconut Christmas Coquito

Although not healthy by any means, it just wouldn’t be the holidays without some coquito.  In this recipe, we did manage to cut back a bit on the sweet and replaced by using fat free milk.  Here’s to saving a few calories this holiday season. Serves 6. Featured on Fox News Latino Ingredients 1- 15 […]

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Tropical Spiced Slow-Cooker Chai Tea

The various spices used in chai tea have been used in traditional Asian medicine for centuries. Black tea, the base ingredient, contains antioxidants which can help lower blood pressure and cholesterol. Something Hispanics are all too familiar with. Antioxidants are also believed to be beneficial to heart health.  Black tea also contains a small amount […]

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