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Locro Semi-Argentinian Style

  In Argentina, this hearty stew is usually enjoyed in the winter months as well as patriotic holidays and is considered a national dish. Like most stews, the traditional recipe calls for a thick sauce which can be high in calories. In this version, we went with a more thin, light, soup-like consistency without compromising […]

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Pernil (Pork Shoulder)

This pork shoulder recipe, more commonly known among Latinos as pernil, is a dish heavily marinated with garlic. Traditionally served on special occasions, it is sure to please a crowd. The aroma of this recipe reminds me of my childhood. You just knew something special was happening if there was a pork shoulder in the oven […]

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Pastel de Tamal

A Three Kings Day recipe recommendation.  This South American specialty is easy and sure to please a crowd without the  hassle of preparing individual tamales. Serves  6-8. Featured on Fox News Latino. 2 pounds boneless center pork chops, trimmed of fat 8 cups water 1 medium onion, diced 3 garlic cloves, minced 2 teaspoons salt […]

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