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Buenos dias!

Mexican Hot Chocolate with Easy Cheesy Brazilian Bread

Today is National Cocoa Day! This Mexican hot chocolate is popular during the Christmas holiday and is especially welcoming during those cold winter mornings.  The cornmeal ingredient makes it filling (almost a meal) and loaded with health benefits such as help lower cholesterol and help manage diabetes.  Accompanied by a light cheesy Brazilian bread, it makes for […]

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Honduran Banana Bread

Perfect for breakfast or brunch, this Honduran banana bread is very dense but super moist and oh, so sweet. The unique ingredient used in this recipe is flaked coconut. It’s like coconut bread taken to a whole new banana level. Featured on Fox News Latino Ingredients 2 tablespoons unsalted butter, room temperature 2 tablespoons lite […]

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Fun Brunch Mini Frittatas

My little one literally pops these in her mouth as if they were bon bons.  Having eggs are a great start to your day.  They contain protein which help curb cravings and are low in low cholesterol.  This recipe is flexible in the sense that you could add in your favorite veggies, cheeses, etc. and […]

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Gluten Free Pumpkin Waffles with Cranberry Orange Papaya Sauce

I thought of this recipe with my good friend and colleague in mind.  After learning that Nichole Brown couldn’t enjoy most of my recipes because she suffers from many food allergies, including items containing gluten. Gluten is a specific type of protein, but one you won’t find in meat or eggs. Instead gluten is found in wheat, […]

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