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Chickpea Pizza

There is strong Italian influence when it comes to Argentinean cuisine. This particular dish comes from Northern Italy but in Argentina it is served with pizza. Alone, as served here, it is a great gluten-free meal. Chickpea flour, a staple in India is main ingredient. Despite its high carbohydrates content, it is also high in […]

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Quinoa Quiche con Sabor Latino

Bolivians have lived off Quinoa for centuries but the demand has recently soared in countries like the US. It has a light crunch and when cooked, it has a nutty flavor and becomes translucent. Although, most consider it a grain, it’s actually related to leafy greens such as spinach and we all know that’s good […]

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Cinnamon Apple Empanadas

Quick and easy apple filling recipe.

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I “HEART” You Mini Pot Pies

Like in most Latin American countries, empanadas are a big hit at the “to go” lunch counters in Brazil.  Traditionally, in Brazil, they are made to look like mini quiches that are baked with flakey crusts and a wide variety of fillings. In this recipe, we used hearts of palm, a common ingredient found in […]

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Chorizo and Cheese Empanadas

Chorizo and Cheese…need I say more? Ingredients 3/4 pound chorizo 1/2 cup onions, diced 1/2 cup pepper jack cheese, cubed 14 ounce package prepared dough (discs for pastries) – located in the frozen aisle Oil for frying Directions Remove chorizo casing and while cooking in a medium-sized skillet break up chorizo to fine little pieces. Cook until […]

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Corned Beef Empanadas

Corned beef is a salt-cured beef product and as picky as my husband is, it was one of his favorite foods while growing up and still to this day.  So naturally, he challenged me to make an empanada. Ingredients 1 tablespoons olive oil 1/2 cup onions, finely chopped 1 garlic clove, finely chopped 12 ounce can […]

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Life of emPi-nadas

I came up with this recipe when Life of Pi was up for an Oscar.  In the book, the character talks about some of his favorite foods, one of them being Korma.  Korma is a very flavorful vegetable dish made with curry and heavy cream.  For this recipe, we’ve added shrimp considering the main character was at sea. […]

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empanada 1


Bolivian empanadas are called Salteñas, which was named after a city in Argentina. Salteñas are enjoyed as a mid-morning snack and can be purchased from street vendors, as well as restaurants all over Bolivia. Aside from the great taste of this sweet yet spicy empanada, it’s filled with veggies and it’s baked instead of fried. Empanadas without […]

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Not My Mama’s Empanadas with Avocado Cream

My sister said it best when she read the recipe suggested this recipe title.  She said, “wow, this is not your typical Dominican/Puerto Rican empanada.” When Latinos think about empanadas, it’s usually the fried Caribbean style we  grew up with that mom used to make and probably still does. But these are  not your typical […]

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Shrimp Wrapped in Serrano Ham

This is a no fuss cocktail party recipe that is sure to impress your guests this New Year’s Eve.  Cooking with Serrano ham is not complicated.  It simply adds flavor and is a compliment to many dishes whether it’s served hot or cold.  The ham is easily digestible and contains high levels of acidic and […]

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