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Baked Chicken Albondigas with Sweet Potato Mash

Protein can be found in eggs, cheese and legumes but, meat is the most complete source of protein. In this recipe, we used ground chicken breast. A meat packed with nutrients such as B vitamins. We paired it with sweet potatoes, a side dish traditionally prepared during the Thanksgiving holiday. But they are some of […]

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Hearty Lentil Soup with Chorizo

Lentils are rich in fiber which help lower cholesterol and are quick and easy to prepare. They absorb the flavors of anything you throw at them making it a delight to eat every time. This recipe is a perfectly healthy option for a rainy day. Featured on Fox News Latino Ingredients • 1 tablespoon extra […]

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Fun Brunch Mini Frittatas

Fun Brunch Mini Frittatas

My little one literally pops these in her mouth as if they were bon bons.  Having eggs are a great start to your day.  They contain protein which help curb cravings and are low in low cholesterol.  This recipe is flexible in the sense that you could add in your favorite veggies, cheeses, etc. and […]

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Pickled Swordfish

Good Friday Pickled Swordfish

This fish recipe is traditionally served slightly chilled or at room temperature but is just as delicious warm.  On Good Friday, it is customary for many Latin American countries and is a great alternative to steak. We used swordfish which is a lean, low-calorie choice and comes as close to steak as you can get. Posted […]

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