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Life of emPi-nadas

I came up with this recipe when Life of Pi was up for an Oscar.  In the book, the character talks about some of his favorite foods, one of them being Korma.  Korma is a very flavorful vegetable dish made with curry and heavy cream.  For this recipe, we’ve added shrimp considering the main character was at sea. […]

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Shrimp Wrapped in Serrano Ham

This is a no fuss cocktail party recipe that is sure to impress your guests this New Year’s Eve.  Cooking with Serrano ham is not complicated.  It simply adds flavor and is a compliment to many dishes whether it’s served hot or cold.  The ham is easily digestible and contains high levels of acidic and […]

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“SUPERgrain” Paella

Gasp! Paella without using rice?  But it’s really quite delicious.  Like Superman, Quinoa is the strongest grain because it contains  more protein than any other grain.   It’s also high in fiber, minerals and a great source of vitamins.  It’s not heavy like most other grains.  It cooks up nice and fluffy but still has a […]

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